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Subject: Lyf's a girl!
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bootyl 28.08.08 - 08:03am
Wat is it u wnt 2 get out of ur chest,drama happening arnd u,love,lust??? *

bootyl 28.08.08 - 08:05am
Met ths dude last wk he was so d*mn fyn,we really clickd,we even exchangd no.s bt guess wat?? tha dude hasn't even text'd!! *

doshboy 29.08.08 - 06:28am
pole swity! 2 bad he dnt cal mayb its coz u dnt react hw he wantd u 2! jst rub hiz namba frm ur 4ne buk whn he cals ur lyk whoz ths? he'l cul dwn n ul b ontop! wht u thnk? *

bootyl 29.08.08 - 07:07pm
Guess wat?? Tha dude cald n i was lyk who's ths?? he he.... N i even hadn't deletd hs number!!! *

doshboy 30.08.08 - 07:29am
ha!ha! thts a gudone hany! nw hez the one lukin bad in ths! ope tht relaxd u? u knw hw u do ur thngs jst play ur crds nyc if u lyk the guy! *

domiehaz 21.11.08 - 08:22am
mayb da guy was neva interested in a r/shp in the first place or he is shy.. If u like go ahead n tel him c how he teks that. *

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