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Subject: Bootylicious!
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bootyl 14.08.08 - 10:13am
For tha cuties who lyk big booty! *

bootyl 14.08.08 - 10:19am
Tel me wat happens wen a dude u've dated 4 several mnths finally introduces u 2 hs family,they hate u,they even find him a wife?? *

doshboy 19.08.08 - 08:33pm
pole swity! lyf is ful of ups n dwns! u cnt xpct 2 b normal if evryone lyks u dia! u must have ma haterz kibao! tht is wht makes lyf intstin! imagne if we wa al rich.. who cud b pickin up liter? ope u gt ma pnt! if u lyk the guy 4gt abt ma paroz! *

nikan 20.08.08 - 08:58pm
Gud point thea dosh. God gave everybody sumthng,his/her life. Govern yo own life. If it is meant 2 be,it is. Ma paro wasikuwe ndialala kwako,nope,its love swity. U decide *

akimboy 28.08.08 - 06:06am
U betta call it quits dia cz dats lyk full tym subscription to daily nytmarez,cz ul b livin wit dem!Bt hp is stil theiya hun,sm body out theiya wil luv u ryt,jus tek yo tym,ul c him! *

bootyl 28.08.08 - 07:56am
U all hv a point,i forget abt tha paroz? Did i mention he's a mamas boy?? *

bootyl 28.08.08 - 07:59am
Thanx akim,u jst made me smile! *

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