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Subject: So alone
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00.lorea 14.08.08 - 07:11am
I feel so alone in this world! Does anybody feel way i do? Am sick of world *

alvin.hu 14.08.08 - 12:16pm
Wat tha world done 4 u lol! ? *

ericoka 18.08.08 - 06:24am
try to adjust to it dear! *

njunge 19.08.08 - 07:27am
At one particular point in life one has 2 feel the same way u do.this is bcoz of challenges dat wil 4 ever be thea u jst need 2 knw hw 2 face & overcome them by making de right decision only!sawa! *

nikan 20.08.08 - 09:04pm
Njunge has a point. Obstacles must be thea in order 2 make lyf swit and bearable in the future. If the world turns its back on u,dnt turn yours 2 it,be potential swity,face it 2 embrase the positivity and posibility of its results *

00.lorea 23.08.08 - 04:50am
Thanx eric *

00.lorea 23.08.08 - 04:53am
Thanx u 4 ur encouragement *

mwenyeji 23.08.08 - 08:07pm
Honey u nd 2 get smthng i cal ' it' in yo systm. Thea r sev ways bt u'l decide. N stop sittin ua n anza kuteta how the world is against u. Get out thea n get noticd.. It myt mean bein a girl at times bt hey? ' it!' Dont let lyf girlslap u lyk that. *

tosh 28.08.08 - 11:49am
Bein lonly iz jst a state of tha mnd,its ur subconcious makn u fl n thnk tht way bt u cn decid nt 2b lonely cz u got ppl who care bout u n u b positv bout urself *

basf 3.09.08 - 06:36pm
Why r u lonely? it may b something dat u can get a help *

habz2 9.10.08 - 03:59am
Lonelines is a frend of every human its up2 sam1 2 befriend lonelines, 4 ur case u let lonelines 2 befriend u! Ur mind and feelins makin u lonely bt u r neva alone jus go out and c those who care about u r waitin... *

domiehaz 21.11.08 - 08:10am
sometimes we fail coz we never adjust ourselves. Dont just sit n complain adapt. *

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