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Subject: Lovers
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fish..86 2.07.08 - 03:55pm
What do u do wen tha prsn u frst lovd dcides 2 trade ur lov with someone else? *

0.cate 7.07.08 - 10:29am
1st do u probe him y he do that 2 u, 2nd why you accept 2b traded, 3nd u need 2 ask urself,n how sure are u she trade u may be ur tha cos *

fish..86 7.07.08 - 01:50pm
Thank u Cate,u challenged i,i got 2 thnk gud abt ur gr8 wads of advice *

alvin.hu 9.07.08 - 09:42am
Wel wat cate say is ryte. *

nikan 10.08.08 - 09:29pm
Well cate has posed quite a challenge. Trading ain't the solution. Does he/she love u *

calvo 11.08.08 - 01:22pm
Guys u nid 2 undastand that in thiz world thea is luv n infatuation.b4 u enta dipa into a rlntp,u nid 2 knw if the guy or gal u luv is jus infatuated wit u or loves u.does s/he want a long term or short term rlntp.once u knw these,ul b able 2 c clearly y u wa traded 4 the atha party *

phoenixq 13.08.08 - 08:15pm
u have2 have a time2 be upset, and 2 reminise on times u had2gether. Its only natrual. But in time u will move on, and get over him, and be happy again with another. Time heals all. *

newfish 14.08.08 - 08:02am
U hav it Calvo,the wad is infatuatn!Or is tradn of spouses n lovers part of games ppl play? *

mwenyeji 24.08.08 - 05:42pm
Bla bla blah! Go to the compe's crib, n kick down n smack the girl! *

akimboy 28.08.08 - 06:24am
Whoa!Dats hot dia bt dats nt da end o'lyf in lyf change alwys has to cm 1s way n hw u embrace dem determines if afta it ul b a wreck or evn a betta lady! consider tha odds dia n kno wea u standin,i kno ul mek thru storm! *

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